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Main Restaurant Menu

Monday-Saturday from 12-9pm only available in the restaurant

Gluten Free ∆ & Vegan ◊ Options Available

If you have any food allergies you
must speak to a member of our team

To Share

Bread & Oil | 6 
Chef’s focaccia, slow roasted garlic served with rosemary & garlic olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Olives | 5  ∆ ◊
A selection of delicious green & black marinated olives

Hummus | 7 ∆ ◊
Topped with pomegranate, harissa oil & za’atar & served with warm bread 

Speciality Starters

Button Mushroom Rarebit | 8
Mushrooms filled with sumptuous rarebit (a mix of our own ale, cheese & mustard)

Korean Fried Cauliflower | 7.5 ∆ ◊
Skewered cauliflower florets coated in a gluten-free chickpea flour batter, made with gochujang paste, sesame oil, soy, mirin & lime, finished with toasted sesame seeds  

Lamb Arayes | 9.5
A Lebanese street dish of spiced lamb mince, flavoured with fresh tomato, cinnamon, tahini & pomegranate, stuffed into a pocket of flour tortilla with a little cheese, baked then served with harissa, pomegranate & sumac

Scotch Egg | 8.5
Pork & black pudding Scotch egg, served with our own piccalilli

Warm Wild Mushroom Salad | 8.5 ∆ ◊
Salt-baked celeriac, sautéed wild mushrooms, served with a watercress salad dressed with tarragon

Classic Starters

Devilled Whitebait | 8.5
Dusted in flour seasoned with cayenne pepper, deep fried & served with lemon aioli

Chef’s Soup | 7 
Seasonal & typically vegetarian, the team will advise you what’s on today’s menu 

Prawn Cocktail | 9
The classic starter comprising iceberg lettuce, prawns & Marie Rose sauce, served with buttered brown bread 

Baked Camembert | 11
Studded with garlic & rosemary, then baked until runny, served with oven fresh bread

Speciality Mains

Sea Bream Fillet | 24
Pan-roasted new potatoes, Romanesco, broccoli purée, samphire & lemon butter sauce

Derbyshire Beef Suet Pie | 25
Oxtail, ox cheek, beef shin, vegetable mirepoix, chestnut mushrooms & Fawny Pale Ale – in this 10-hour labour of love encased in suet pastry, served with baked potato mash & charred Hispi cabbage

Chatsworth Estate Venison Casserole | 23
Venison shoulder slowly braised with onions, carrots, celeriac, red wine & stock served with horseradish dumplings, topped with wilted cavolo nero

Milanese Osso Buco | 24.5
Osso buco (literally bone with hole); cross-cut veal shin, slowly braised in stock with tomato, white wine & sage, served with Milanese saffron risotto & sprinkled with gremolata of chopped parsley, lemon zest & garlic

Braised Lamb Shoulder Shepherds Pie | 20
Made with chunks of lamb shoulder, braised slowly with onion, garlic, carrot, celery, wine & chicken stock until meltingly tender; finished with peas & topped with baked potato mash, served with braised red cabbage

Mr Cafferty’s Pork Belly | 20
Dauphinoise potatoes, butternut squash purée, tender stem broccoli, sage & onion sauce & sprinkled with crispy pork skin crumble

Souvlaki Hanging Kebab | 20 
The chicken is marinated in aromatic spices, oregano, mint, cumin, coriander, paprika, cinnamon, lemon & garlic, then chargrilled & served with dripping roasted garlic butter, a Greek salad & our proper chips

Moules Frites | 21.5
Fresh (never frozen) Shetland Isle mussels cooked with shallots, white wine, cream & parsley; served in a traditional mussel pot, with a side of proper chips & chef’s focaccia

Classic Mains

Fish & Chips | 18.5
Fresh haddock fillet, our own ale batter, proper chips tartare sauce & our own mushy peas

Mr Taylor’s Sausages & Colcannon Mash | 15.5
Three award-winning pork sausages, served with buttery cabbage baked potato mash & a rich onion gravy

Scampi & Chips | 16
Whitby whole tail breaded langoustines, served with proper chips, tartare sauce & our own mushy peas 

Cheese & Bacon Double Burger | 17
Our chef’s recipe patties are chargrilled & layered with our own burger relish, iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, grilled streaky bacon & melted Monterey Jack in an American-style toasted burger bun, served with house coleslaw & proper chips

Ham & Eggs | 15
The classic dish of sliced honey roast ham, served with proper chips & two fried free range eggs

Rib-Eye Steak | 28
8oz prime local rib-eye, grilled to your preference & served with grilled mushrooms & tomatoes, salad & proper chips

Stilton or Peppercorn Sauce | 4

Mr Cafferty’s 10oz T-bone Pork Chop | 18
T-bone pork chop, comprising fillet & loin, is chargrilled & served with proper chips


Classic Chicken Caesar | 17.5
Salad of crisp baby gem, tossed in a classic dressing of egg yolk, anchovies, mustard, oil, lemon, garlic & parmesan, with Henderson’s Relish, finished with shaved parmesan, garlic croûtons & crisp bacon

Asian Edamame Bean Salad | 15.5 ∆ ◊
Edamame beans tossed with radicchio lettuce, beetroot & radish in a soy & sesame dressing


Miso Mushroom Burger | 16.5 ∆ ◊
Grilled field mushrooms marinated in miso dressing, layered with iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, sesame-pickled cucumber strips, guacamole in an American-style bun, served with house coleslaw & proper chips

Jackfruit Chilli | 17 ∆ ◊
Jackfruit cooked with kidney beans, onions, garlic & chilli in a rich tomato sauce, with basmati rice, guacamole, jalapeños & warm flatbread


Flat Bread | 2.5 ◊
Crusty Baguette | 3 ◊

House Salad | 3.5 ∆ ◊
Braised Red Cabbage | 4 ∆ ◊
Seasonal Vegetables | 4.5 ∆ ◊

Baked Potato Mash | 4.5 ∆
Proper Chips | 4.5 ∆ ◊
Tenderstem Broccoli | 5 ∆ ◊


Baked Cookie Dough | 9
Perfect to share our homemade cookie dough is baked to order & served in a hot skillet, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & a drizzle of caramel sauce

Sticky Toffee Pudding | 8
Rich sticky pudding made with dates, Demerara sugar & served with sticky toffee sauce & a scoop of Hope Valley Dairy’s vanilla ice cream

Churros | 6.5
Crisp fried Spanish sweet treat, tossed in cinnamon sugar & served with a dipping pot of chocolate sauce, salted caramel & flakes of Malden sea salt 

Chocolate Mousse | 8.5 ∆ ◊
A pot of pure chocolate indulgence, topped with a scoop of raspberry sorbet & crushed frozen raspberries. You will not believe this pot of genius is vegan! 

Bread & Butter Pudding | 8
Our version of this classic pudding: layers of buttered bread, sultanas & a rich vanilla egg custard — all soaked together, then baked gently & served glazed with apricot purée & Hope Valley Dairy’s vanilla ice cream

Black Forest Sundae | 8
Our unique recipe includes chocolate brownie pieces, layered with cherries, cherry whipped cream, Hope Valley Dairy’s cherry sorbet & vanilla ice cream, then drizzled with kirsch

Cheese Board | 12
A plate of four cheeses: Rosary Ash — a fresh, light delicate goats’ cheese; Baron Bigod — a stunning brie-style cheese from Suffolk; Cornish Yarg — handmade & wrapped in nettle leaves to protect the cheese during maturation & Clawson Blue Stilton — a supreme champion at the global cheese awards, one of only six dairies permitted to make stilton due to its protected destination of origin (PDO) status. Served with crackers, grapes & our own Bramley apple & sultana chutney

Affogato | 6
A classic Italian dessert: one scoop of vanilla ice cream, served with hot espresso to pour over

Ice Creams | 2 per scoop
White Chocolate, Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry Ice Cream from Hope Valley Dairy

Sorbets | 2 per scoop ∆ ◊
Black Cherry or Raspberry Sorbets from Hope Valley Dairy